About Us


U.S. Department of Treasury statistics prove that less that 5% of ALL struggling homeowners in America have successfully received a loan modification from their lender when attempting this frustrating process on their own. With our thorough pre-screening process, we determine if you pre-qualify to successfully get a loan modification. Our no up front cost program, guarantees you that our service fee is only to be paid upon us successfully getting you a loan modification. 
Homeowners Foundation, Inc. was created by a team of former bank employees with the insider bank knowledge and skills needed to perfect the loan modification process. Our founders have formulated a way to successfully get clients into a lower monthly mortgage payment within 60 days or less. Our proven methods to help homeowners have allowed us to provide all of our services at no upfront cost and our service is only to be paid upon successful completion of a lower monthly mortgage payment that YOU ARE HAPPY WITH.
Our negotiators have combined years of experience negotiating with lenders to help clients avoid foreclosure, stop auction dates, and obtain a restructured mortgage payment that is affordable for the homeowner. All of our negotiators also have former employment history with banks and know exactly how to get you approved in the least amount of time possible.
Our mission is to help as many homeowners as possible to avoid foreclosure in this crucial time for our country. There are millions of Americans struggling day in and day out to avoid foreclosure and fight these banks for their home. What most homeowners do not know is that the bank has strategically designed the modification process for you to fail. They will ask for the same documentation over and over again and then after 60 days has past tell you that everything is outdated since they took so long to review it. This is all done strategically by the bank in order to push more homeowners to either do a short sale or give up the battle to foreclosure.
Our organization is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs and we will stop at nothing to get the job done. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from referrals from other highly satisfied clients. We would honor the right to help you through this stressful and very frustrating process and get you an affordable payment in 60 days or less.

We look forward to your business and don't forget to stop by the "CONTACT US" link to fill out your basic information to get started today! After filling out the form you will receive a free consultation within 24 business hours of submitting. DON'T HESITATE, CALL TODAY! 1-866-536-1244